Liberator Wanda Aubergine Charcoal Black
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Experience real magic with the Wanda Magic Wand mount. Ergonomically designed to be paired with a Hitachi Magic Wand (sold separately), the tapered and undulating form comfortably cups your body to offer support in a multitude of enchanting positions and gives you completely hands-free access to your Magic Wand. This toy mount’s narrow body is perfect for straddling, and the height adds lift and easy access in standing or laying down positions, making it ideal for couple's play. The soft velvish cover is available in two colors to suit any castle’s decor. The cover is machine washable, and has a waterproof liner underneath. Dimensions are 20 by 11 by 9 in. Shipped in a plain, unmarked brown box.
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Liberator Wanda Aubergine Charcoal Black

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